K O L L A S C H patience and a calm hand

Handmade Papercollages by Kollasch

"Collage N (aka Kollasch) delivers a steady stream of thoughtful cut and paste collages. His translation of architecture into geometric fragments often results in dense collages. kunst, papiercollagen und papierarbeiten

The landscapes presented are utopian, thick pastiches uf humanity illustrated by the buildings we live and work in.

In other work, he collages folded paper into works. In Faltage - Schwarze Faltung, the black folded paper becomes an object of veneration when set to a photograph of a man in a martial arts pose. Like his collages of architecture, at play here is an astute understanding of shape and composition."

Kolaj Magazine #18, Page 42, Montreal 2017

KOLLASCH Landscape, Papercollage

Landscape 11 | Papercollage | 2014 | 42x30cm

Falter -

For those who do not like dead animals

Another focus in my works are my experience with folded paper, which i composed so far in showcases, in photographs or illustrations.

Particularly popular is the series: “Falter - Für alle, die keine toten Tiere mögen”, in which i presents paper folds like butterflies in a frame. The special thing is that each butterfly is handmade from its own shape and different used paper materials. 

The basic form is the triangle, which appears in ever new variations. Among the selected paper can also be banknotes, old identity documents or silk-paper.

The series is about diversity, variety and sustainability.


figura architectura

In this series, I explore the question of what architectural parts and elements we might use to build spaceships to fly us to Mars in the event of an apocalypse. The figures are made up of various pieces of paper from buildings, facades, walls and windows.

VogelHaus I 10x6 cm I 2020, Contribution to the Collage Garden Moscow


 Farbe und Linie zur Fläche

The collages are composed of many individual paper motifs.

In this series the windows and glass facades of the buildings are replaced by colorful monochrome surfaces.

                                                     Storage of paper snippets in the studio in berlin

Fantastische  Welten

I love to tell stories. In this series, I create landscapes that belong to the fantastic literature and are characterized by associative imagery and experimental narrative technique.


The collages are composed of many different paper fragments. They  shows the density and mobility of large cities and in leveraging the fragments torn from the context of building together a new urban landscape. 

Kollaschs Tierleben

As a basis for this new series i used pages of color illustrations from the famous german Tierlexikon: Brehms Tierleben.

The animal paintings are from fantastic animal painters from the 19th/20th century, which i redesigned and alienated in terms of content, meaning or humour using various techniques.