K O L L A S C H patience and a calm hand


Do you want to buy an analog and unique artwork and support my work? Write me please an email to: mail@dskollasch.de

Original Papercollages

Some of the paper collages are for sale. The availability and prices I share on request. The art is shipped well packed.

Each papercollage is analog and unique!                                                              

price on request/Preise auf Anfrage



Original Paperartworks: Falter - For those who dont like dead Animals
Particularly popular is the series: “Falter - Für alle, die keine toten Tiere mögen”, in which I presents my paper folds like butterflies in a frame. The special thing is that each butterfly is handmade from its own shape and different used paper materials. 

Each showcase is analog and unique!    

Available Formats from: 30x40 cm, 50x40 cm, 100x70 cm

Showcase 40x30 cm with 25 small or 9 big Falter

Showcase 50x40 cm with 40 small Falter

Showcase 100x70 cm with 40 big Falter

 plus shipping costs

price on request/Preise auf Anfrage


Kleine Faltage
A Faltage is composed of a folder of different papers and an illustration.
Eine Faltage setzt sich aus einer Faltung aus verschiedenen Papieren und einer Abbildung zusammen. 

Each Faltage is analog and unique!         

Format: ca. 25x17 cm

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As a basis for this series i used pages of color illustrations from the famous german Tierlexikon: Brehms Tierleben. 

Each papercollage is analog and unique!

Format: 17x26cm

price on request/Preise auf Anfrage



Puzzle-Edition: KOLLASCH / Stadt 02 or Landschaft 11
A collage that has to be put back together from 500 pieces. A special challenge and a great pleasure to experience for yourself how it feels when all parts fit together.
Eine Collage, die aus 500 Teilen wieder zusammen gesetzt werden muss. Eine besondere Herausforderung und ein großes Vergnügen, um selbst zu erfahren, wie es sich anfühlt, wenn alle Teile zusammenpassen.

Each 39,90 EUR plus shipping costs



KOLLASCH's   Wundertüte
Get inspired and create your own collage with the wonderful starter kit.
The parts are cut out by hand and come from Kollasch's snippet collection. Each wonder bag is unique!
Lass Dich inspirieren und gestalte Deine eigene Collage mit dem wunderbaren Starter-Kit. Die Teile sind von Hand ausgeschnitten und stammen aus Kollasch's Schnipsel-Sammlung. Jede Wundertüte ist ein Unikat!

Each 12,90 EUR plus shipping costs


COOLLAGE - A Closer Look
The Artist Duo Tintenkillers published at Komma-Verlag an art book for children.
In this book, 45 renowned collage artists from 29 countries each present one of their fantastic collage artworks. On the page next to the work are 12 round fragments of the work in question. Will you be able to find these details in the work?
Among other artists, the book contains the paper collage Stadt 55 by Kollasch.
Tintkillers are Bart Heesen and Rob Benders. Both artists are active in cultural education for public authorities, companies and educational institutions.

Orders and Info: https://www.tintenkillers.nl/coollage